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Audio Response

CCFCU has an Audio Response System designed to make transfers and inquiries on your account. To access Audio Response, all you need is a touch-tone phone, your account number, and your personal identification number (PIN), which you choose.

Just dial the Audio Response number, 603-357-6770, and enter your account number (located in the top right-hand corner of your statement) and personal PIN number. The first time you use Audio Response you are required to enter your social security number as listed on the account. At that time you will assign yourself a four-digit PIN number. This number can be changed at any time.

  Benefits to include:
• Audio Response is the cost of a phone call
• Multiple transactions in one call
• No more being put on hold
• Complete security; audio response transactions cannot transfer funds from your account to someone else’s account unless you are already a joint owner on that other account.


 Audio Response Codes

1. Account Balance & History
  1. Current Balances
      1. Savings Balance
      2. Draft Balance
      4. Balance Any Suffix
  2. History of Deposits
      1. Direct Deposit - Savings
      2. All Deposits – Savings
      3. Direct Deposit – Draft
      4. All Deposits – Draft
      5. All Deposits – Any Suffix
   3. History of Withdrawals
      1. W/D - Draft Account
      3. ATM W/D - Draft
      4. ACH W/D - Savings
      5. ACH W/D - Draft
      6. All W/D - Any Suffix
  4. YTD Div. & Interest
  5. Cleared Draft Inquiry

2. Perform Transfers & Withdrawals
  1. Perform Transfers
      1. Transfer Savings to Draft
      2. Transfer Draft to Savings
      4. Transfer between suffixes
      5. Transfer to another Acct
  2. Check Withdrawals
      1. Chk W/D - Savings
      2. Chk W/D – Draft
      3. Chk W/D – Any Suffix

9. Go To “Help Menu”
* Go To “Help Menu”
* 4 To Change Account Number
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