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If the only reason you haven't opened a Cheshire County Federal Credit Union checking account is because it's a hassle to close your old one, our hassle-free Switch Kit has been designed to make the switch simple and convenient. You may apply for an ATM/Debit MasterCard, transfer your direct deposit, automatic withdrawals like health club memberships, and close your checking account... all with this kit. Just complete the short forms on the inside, send them to us and we'll do the rest.

Here's how you do it ...

  1. Open a Cheshire County Federal Credit
    Union Checking Account
    Apply for your Cheshire County Federal Credit Union checking account. Once we receive the completed New Account Application, we'll process it and if accepted, send you a welcome letter with your account information and applicable disclosures. (You will need to open a savings account with us first if you don't already have one.)
  2. Pocket a debit MasterCard (check card)
    Complete the application for your ATM/Debit MasterCard. Once we receive the application, we will process it, and if accepted, send you a card and the Electronic Funds Transfer and Cardholder Agreement and Disclosures.
  3. Transfer your direct deposit
    Complete the Direct Deposit form. We will mail the Direct Deposit form to the company or organization that is automatically depositing funds into your existing checking account.
  4. Change your automatic withdrawals
    We'll also mail the Automatic Withdrawal form to all companies or organizations like health clubs that are taking withdrawals from your existing account. Write your new account number on the forms. You may make additional copies of these forms if necessary.
  5. Close down your old checking account
    Once your direct deposit and/or automatic withdrawals start coming to your new Cheshire County Federal Credit Union checking account, and you know all your checks have cleared your old checking account, mail the Closure Request to your previous institution and any remaining balance will be sent to your new checking account.


If you have any questions about moving your account to Cheshire County Federal Credit Union, please call us at 603-355-2328.

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